The wildest cave

Discover the world longest uncivilized gypsum labyrinth

Optimistic cave – one of very few not fully explored places on the Earth. Discovered in 1966. More than 265 kilometers are mapped. Speleologists managed to keep it in primal state without electricity or concrete sidewalks. Since 2010 giant labyrinth is opened for tourists.


Imagine, that you appeared in the place, where the silence reigns. Beyond time and space. Without connection with outer world and without benefits of civilization. Surrounded only by sparkling miraculous arches, which bewitch by their magnificent beauty and hide real treasures, created by nature.

Here you wouldn’t see thousands rambunctious tourists and dozens of obsessive hucksters, overcrowded cafes and noisy transportation. This is like being in open space! There are almost no places like this left on earth. Optimistic cave – is one of them.

Unique in Europe and maybe in whole world cave, not spoiled by civilization. The longest gypsum labyrinth in the world. Natural wonder. One of must see places in Ukraine, only recently opened for tourists. Trust us, this will be the most unusual option of active leisure and most exciting journey in your life.


265 kilometers

World longest gypsum cave


7 routes

Variety of exclusive tours


3-18 km by foot

Per one route


3-14 hours

Under the ground


10 degrees Celsius

All year temperature


5 languages

Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, English, France


safety equipment

Full body protection rental


Over 50 years

Of cave exploration

Fantastic journey beneath the surface of the Earth. Optimistic cave offers a number of interesting experiences, perfect for an all-day trip that you will remember for years to come. There is more life in the complete and eternal darkness than you are willing to believe.

This is the only place in Europe where these kinds of tours are held – Optimistic cave. It is unique and exceptional. One of very few not fully explored places on the Earth. At the moment more than 255 kilometers are mapped, there fore in close future it can beat even the Flint-Ridge Mammoth cave system and become The World Longest Cave!

What’s interesting?

Huge colorful crystals, unique helictites, stalactites and stalagmites, and all this not under the glass in museums, but in real nature. Big galleries, narrow corridors, beautiful grottoes – there is nowhere else you can find all this.



You can get here from Lviv, Kyiv or Chernivtsi, on the way here you can see: Kamyanetsky castle, Hotyn fortress, Dzhuryn waterfall and some other caves.
Adress: Ternopilska oblast, Borshchiv region, Korolivka village, Lisova 14 street. There are few comfortable hotels and many touristic places.

Is it safe?

We provide you with full equipment kit: overall, boots, safe hat and headlight. You would be fully protected from accidental hits to gypsum wall and dirt from clay surfaces. Excursion is hrld by experienced guide. You need no worry, just have fun.


How to get there?

Optimistic cave is located very conveniently, and speleobase is accessible by foot. On border of Korolivka village in Ternopilska oblast, where passes road number T-2018. You can find it on the map and arrive on your own or ask for detailed directions when filling out the form.


Not to ride it by train, walk through fake lighted and plundered by human halls, but really make it there. Crawl, of course… We offer you to put on speleo equipment, helmet and headlight, to get dirty and dive 90 feet under the surface, in order to explore the biggest and most mysterious gypsum labyrinth in the world.

A World-Famous Marvel

Optimistic cave is a true miracle. It is not fully explored yet, so far is mapped 260 km, what makes it the longest gypsum cave in the world. It is listed in the Guinness World Records. Optimistic cave was explored by speleologists from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Great Britain, France, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Norway, Slovenia, USA, Czech Republic and others.
Its picturesque and mysterious underground world makes for a unique place for a wide variety of cave adventures.

Active leisure

Interesting cave tours for families and friends. No need for good physical shape or special preparations.

Tough guys

Willing to discover what is hidden from others? Explore the farthermost regions of the cave. Squeeze through tiniest cracks to see the real wonder.

Groups and agencies

We provide spread system of discounts for big groups and travel agencies



Short and easy introducing excursions from 2 to 4 hours long.


  • visiting underground museum
  • underground clay sculptures exhibition
  • visiting first underground base camp
  • guide service


  • equipment rent
  • meals
  • accommodation


You will see all beauties of underground world. The most popular routs of middle difficulty lasting up to 8 hours.


  • visiting underground museum
  • underground clay sculptures exhibition
  • visiting first and one of working underground base camps
  • excursion to remote regions
  • seeing the most beautiful places in the cave, with crystals and helictytes
  • Photo and video recording
  • english speaking guide


  • equipment rent
  • meals
  • accommodation


For strong and tough. The longest and the most difficult routs. Spend more than 10 hours under the ground.


  • visiting underground museum
  • underground clay sculptures exhibition
  • visiting first and one of working underground base camps
  • excursion to most remote regions
  • seeing the most beautiful and distant places with lots of huge crystals, helictytes, stalactites or lakes
  • passing through interesting narrow corridors and holes
  • photo and video recording
  • personal english speaking guide


  • equipment rent
  • meals
  • cave accommodation


Developing the individual excursion plan. Can include different cave routs and regions. You can spent few days in the cave with sleeping in a basecamp.


  • road planning
  • hotel accommodation booking
  • transfer to the cave
  • personal english speaking guide
  • few excursion routs
  • seeing all the most interesting places of the cave
  • photo and video recording


  • equipment rent
  • meals
  • cave accommodation

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Call or fill in the form

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Come to Speleobase and get the equipment

Start the most amazing tour in your life


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