Real speleo adventure

Visit the longest gypsum cave in the world

Optimistic cave – one of very few not fully explored places on the Earth.
At the moment more than 255 kilometers are mapped.

Fantastic journey beneath the surface of the Earth. Optimistic cave offers a number of interesting experiences, perfect for an all-day trip that you will remember for years to come. There is more life in the complete and eternal darkness than you are willing to believe.

Gorgeous underground lakes

Lots of
big cristals

Unique clay sculptures museum


257 kilometers


7 different routes


3-8 km by foot


6-10 hours


10 degrees Celsius


5 languages


safety equipment


50 years

Do you want to see the real cave? Not to ride it by train, walk through fake lighted and plundered by human halls, but really make it there. Crawl, of course… We offer you to put on speleo equipment, helmet and headlight, to get dirty and dive 60 feet under the surface, in order to explore the biggest and most mysterious gypsum labyrinth in the world.

This is the only place in Europe where these kinds of tours are held – Optimistic cave. It is unique and exceptional. One of very few not fully explored places on the Earth. At the moment more than 255 kilometers are mapped, there fore in close future it can beat even the Flint-Ridge Mammoth cave system and become The World Longest Cave!

What’s interesting?

Huge colorful crystals, unique helictites, stalactites and stalagmites, and all this not under the glass in museums, but in real nature. Big galleries, narrow corridors, beautiful grottoes – there is nowhere else you can find all this.


Cave is located in Ukraine, not far from Polish border in small village.

How to get there?

We created well organized speleotours with “All inclusive” system: we provide full transportation, comfortable accommodation, food and excursion with translator.

Is it safe?

We give you full equipment kit, provide comfortable ride to the cave and back. Excursions are held by experienced guides.

Not sure if this is for you?
Here are some reasons to try:

checkTo get unforgettable experience
checkTrue extreme
checkNice way of active leisure with family
checkMore interesting than alpinism
checkEasier than vertical speleology
checkEscape from society